PC-ControLAB, now in Release 3, is a Windows (R) based process control loop simulation program. The realistic user interface has the features of most operator workstations, hence there is essentially no learning curve required for beneficial use of the program.

The program contains 13 control strategies (Feedback, Dual Feedback, Ratio, Cascade, 2 forms of Feedforward, Override, 2 forms of Decoupling and 4 forms of Model-Based Control) and numerous process model representing typical dynamic processes such as temperature, pressure, flow and level applications.

A companion program which is furnished with PC-ControLAB, Builder, permits user configuration of additional process models by graphically selecting, linking and parameterizing standard function blocks. Thus a user can quite readily configure a process model which qualitatively resembles real process applications.

The software package is furnished on one CD, and includes extensive HELP files and tutorials, plus over 20 laboratory and demonstration exercises which can be used in support of process control training seminars as well as for self study. The laboratory exercises correlate well with the textbook, Basic and Advanced Regulatory Control, System Design and Application, written by the program developer.

This lists demo, student, and full versions (would recommend student for 30 days at $25.00 US or 6 months at $50.00 US access).

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