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  • Earn an Industry-Oriented Higher Education Engineering Certificate in Six Months

    May 21, 2020 | 08:23 am

    Earn an Industry-Oriented Higher Education Engineering Certificate in Six Months In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Australian Federal Government has announced a relief package, which means they are funding six-month higher education certificates in ‘priority areas’ – one of which is engineering.We have been busy designing industry-oriented online undergraduate certificates and graduate certificates to help those already working in the engineering field, or those who want to enter the engineering field, retrain or upskill.For a small contribution, you will be able to earn a short qualification from EIT in the areas of electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, industrial automation engineering, and civil and structural engineering.Federal Education Minister Dan Tehan said this package was designed to give those affected by the coronavirus an opportunity to upskill or look at different career options for the future.“We’re slashing the prices of degrees and diplomas in short courses to enable people, rather than binging on Netflix, to be able to binge on studying –areas[…]


  • Upskilling for the Future of Work

    May 21, 2020 | 04:13 am

    Upskilling for the Future of Work The ‘future of work’ is being shaped by a powerful force; the growing adoption of online technologies and artificial intelligence in the workplace. This year has seen the world as we once knew it change rapidly, with the majority of the globe going into an unprecedented lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic. While it is easy (and expected) to feel anxious when there is so much uncertainty and change, there is an opportunity to upskill or skill shift in technology and leadership to meet the requirements of continuously evolving workplaces. The COVID-19 pandemic has demanded that workplaces and education providers adapt to new technologies. These technologies have allowed people to work and study from home while maintaining consistent levels of communication and collaboration. The pandemic has also painted a picture of a world where automated machines increasingly replace workers so that companies can become more efficient, ensure fiscal responsibility, and[…]


  • A dream, hard work and a little support

    May 15, 2020 | 00:46 am

    A dream, hard work and a little support As a passionate educator, EIT’s Dean, Dr Steve Mackay, never underestimates the benefits of a good quality education. When a career path and an individual are aligned he knows the sky is the limit.  Engineering and technology are the focus of EIT, but so too are those who yearn to work in a field of endeavour that inspires and drives them every day. This is the story of a young South African man who, with has his heart set on farming, is achieving his dream. Asanda Mnguni is the one with the vision, but he is being supported by his indomitable mother, Nomsa (Gloria) Mkhwanazi, a gifted farmer, Ms Gitti Kraupner, and the Engineering Institute of Technology. Asanda is 21 years old and studying away from home, but during college holidays he lives with Gloria, a single parent, a house keeper and part-time carer of the frail and elderly. They live at[…]


  • Student Story: Aaron Giovenco

    May 11, 2020 | 03:31 am

    Student Story: Aaron Giovenco Aaron Giovenco is an electro-technical specialist who works in the maritime and offshore oil and gas industries. He says our 52708WA - Advanced Diploma of Industrial Automation developed both his theoretical and practical knowledge in the automation space, which will help him to further his career.He began his career as an electrician after seeking employment opportunities in Perth, Western Australia, due to its mining boom. While studying his apprenticeship, he realized he was interested in engineering.“Back in 2008, when pursuing my electrical apprenticeship, I found the theoretical side interesting and enjoyed learning it,” he said.“This passion has continued to evolve over my career. I enjoy designing and coming up with solutions, which is why I’ve decided to pursue a career in the engineering industry, and automation and control engineering has great future job growth potential.”Once he became qualified, Aaron spent a couple of years working in a myriad of different[…]


  • EIT internal synergy and mentorshipthe key to success

    May 7, 2020 | 05:56 am

    EIT internal synergy and mentorshipthe key to success It is said that iron sharpens iron. At the Engineering Institute of Technology (EIT), that statement rings true every day. There is an ecosystem of managers, learning support officers, and course advisors who work in tandem to ensure students enrolled in our programs are on their way to achieving their academic and career goals.The South African office has had to roll with the punches of the strict lockdown regulations imposed as a consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic.Sisipho Phakamisa, an EIT Learning Support Officer, says the person who has been keeping her on-track amidst the lockdown is EIT Africa’s International Education Manager and South African Office Manager David Gadjus.“He has proven to be a proactive leader, as well as very supportive,” she said.“He engages a lot with the team, and he always jumps at the opportunity to help. The lockdowns took us all by surprise, and he has done a great[…]


  • Student Story: Hamis Mahushi 

    Apr 30, 2020 | 04:54 am

    Student Story: Hamis Mahushi  Hamis Mahushi is a Tanzanian born instrumentation and control technician and alumnus of the Engineering Institute of Technology (EIT). Since graduating from our 52708WA - Advanced Diploma of Industrial Automation, he has furthered his career in the mining automation industry and taken on a leadership role. He currently works at North Mara Gold Mine, a few kilometers from the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania. His engineering journey started in 2009 — which Hamis refers to as “the year of my life” — when he enroled in an Ordinary Diploma of Electrical Engineering. In 2012, he began working at North Mara Gold Mine, which was controlled by a company named African Barrick Gold at the time. In 2014, the company changed its name to Acacia Mining.Under Acacia Mining, he got the opportunity to work as the Instrumentation Mechanician. A superintendent at the mine noticed Hamis’ thirst for knowledge and encouraged him to[…]


  • How Drones Are Saving Lives in Australian Oceans

    Apr 30, 2020 | 03:20 am

    How Drones Are Saving Lives in Australian Oceans Australia is well-known for its beautiful beaches, with over one million tourists making their way to the beach each year. From national surf competitions to school swimming lessons, Australian beach culture is a huge part of the country’s national identity.  However, there is one significant challenge that comes with enjoying over 20,000 kilometers of coastline, and that is patrolling it. Due to not only its size but also the sheer amount of potential dangers lurking beneath the waters surface, keeping Australia’s majestic coastlines safe is a logistical nightmare. But a world-first in drone technology may be the potential solution.Founded in 2015, Australian company ‘The Ripper Group’ develops search and rescue drones that can monitor beaches and deploy emergency care packages to people in need. With features including being able to alert lifeguards to people who need saving to being able to spot incoming predators, their drones are already being used across[…]


  • Meet EIT Lecturer Dr Arti Siddhpura

    Apr 30, 2020 | 02:29 am

    Meet EIT Lecturer Dr Arti Siddhpura Dr Arti Siddhpura is one of EIT’s on-campus lecturers and is a decorated academic, holding a Doctor of Philosophy in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Western Australia.Dr Siddhpura’s engineering journey began in 1996 at the Government Polytechnic University in India, where she earned in Diploma in Mechanical Engineering. In 1996, she enrolled for her Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering at Sardar Patel University, continuing on to earn her Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering (Machine Design) by 2004.In 2008, Dr Siddhpura made the move from India to Australia, working as a casual academic at the University of New South Wales. However, by March of 2009, she has earned a position as a Research Scholar at the University of Western Australia. It was there that she began work on her Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering, graduating in 2013. Her research has now been recognized internationally and has been published in several reputable[…]


  • Keeping safe online during the COVID-19 crisis

    Apr 24, 2020 | 01:42 am

    Keeping safe online during the COVID-19 crisis The threat of the coronavirus pandemic has sent most of the world into lockdown. As a result, many of us are relying on the Internet to stay connected. As schools and workplaces continue to encourage working from home, an increasing amount of sensitive and personal data is making its way online, meaning now is the time to make sure both you and your computer are keeping safe. Due to the high Internet usage across the globe, Internet hackers are increasingly able to exploit networks during this time of crisis. Ranging from spreading false information online to sending fake pandemic warnings directly to your inbox, scammers and hackers are embracing a whole new toolbox of possibilities. Multinational cybersecurity and anti-virus provider Kaspersky, recently reported that on 12 March 2020, Australia saw 248,864 network attacks or data breaches. This is an increase of 284% when compared to just four days earlier on 8 March,[…]


  • Student Story: Shepard Ngoni

    Apr 9, 2020 | 07:57 am

    Student Story: Shepard Ngoni Shepard Ngoni realized he needed to learn more about automation due to advances in technology that were affecting his workplace. After completing his 52708WA - Advanced Diploma of Industrial Automation, his newfound knowledge gave him the confidence to open his own automotive engineering workshop, plus a company that specializes in automation. Since graduating from EIT two years, Zimbabwean born Shepard has been a member of our esteemed alumni community. However, his journey with engineering education, which started when he was in high school, is far from over. “As a high school student, I always admired the field of engineering as I was good in the fields of science subjects. From high school, I went straight into the field of automotive engineering as an apprentice with a national bus company, doing my theoretical studies with a polytechnic college in Harare.” His automotive engineering studies took him four years to complete and included a lot of[…]


  • Breaking the mold and ending engineering stereotypes

    Apr 9, 2020 | 07:52 am

    Breaking the mold and ending engineering stereotypes  In the world of education and training, stereotypes can create negative perceptions around particular lines of study or work. The Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM) fields are rife with stereotypes that can dissuade young people from taking an interest in these industries, even though these jobs are becoming increasingly essential.With the rise of technology and automation, engineering careers are becoming more diverse and more applicable across a variety of industries. Therefore, simplistic and generalized views of who engineers are and what the engineering world entails are damaging to the perception of the industry — as well as being simply untrue. One area that engineering has expanded into is the healthcare industry. Biomedical engineering is bridging the gap between these two fields, by using technology to create, maintain, repair, and operate essential medical equipment. Kym Rykers, a board member at the Australasian College of Physical Scientists and Engineers in Medicine in 2016, compiled[…]


  • Six Key Ideas to Improve Your Online Education and Training in Engineering, Technology and The Sciences

    Apr 6, 2020 | 04:43 am

    Six Key Ideas to Improve Your Online Education and Training in Engineering, Technology and The Sciences The Engineering Institute of Technology (EIT) has been providing high quality live, interactive online education and training for over 15 years. EIT’s offerings span the two education sectors, from vocational diplomas through to bachelor’s and master’s degrees in engineering. These qualifications are accredited by the Australian Government, and some of these programs are also recognized under three international engineering accords. EIT also offers practical professional development short courses to help engineering professionals gain specialist skills. At any one time, EIT has approximately 2000 students and reaches them in over 150 countries.This wisdom, synthesized into six truisms for driving excellence in online education, can be applied to all areas of education and training, not just to students in STEM. 1. Go back to basics to engage remote learners Teachers must use strategies to increase their presence in the virtual classroom and ensure the learning environment is dynamic and engaging. This should include a warm welcome,[…]


  • Student Story: Wilbard Mwetulundila

    Mar 31, 2020 | 07:34 am

    Student Story: Wilbard Mwetulundila Wilbard Mwetulundila is a marine electrician working on a mining vessel for diamond mining company Debmarine. He is an Engineering Institute of Technology graduate and esteemed alumni. He has an unwavering love for engineering, and despite the challenges he has had to overcome, he is developing into a skilled engineer.It all started with the boyhood curiosity that grips so many: a fascination with technology.“I was raised in a small village in the northern part of Namibia,” he said.“When I was a toddler, I used to be very fascinated with battery-operated toys and how they operate. Since then, I have had persistent curiosity — I always had a picture of myself working in an engineering space. Given that burning passion, it was just a matter of putting in the effort to fulfill my dream”.Upon completion of high school in 2008, Wilbard applied to study electrical engineering at one of the local[…]


  • EIT lecturer 3D prints protective equipment to combat COVID-19 in the Phillipines

    Mar 31, 2020 | 05:45 am

    EIT lecturer 3D prints protective equipment to combat COVID-19 in the Phillipines Human ingenuity, and hobbyists — that’s what the world needs right now, aside from the medical professionals who are on the front lines of the coronavirus pandemic. As hospitals around the world rush to take stock of the medical equipment they have at their disposal, engineers and engineering companies have been finding ways that they can contribute to the fight against COVID-19. It turns out that the hobbyist engineer who has a 3D printer at home could potentially be an integral player in manufacturing items that can help secure public health. Kasey Martin, our in-house developer at the Engineering Institute of Technology (EIT), is putting his 3D printers to good work. He currently works in the Philippines, which has put contingency plans into place to mitigate the spread of coronavirus. They are now in enhanced community quarantine, meaning the government has imposed a strict home lockdown with only essential movements for necessities and[…]


  • Build a Learning Organisation Today

    Mar 24, 2020 | 00:01 am

    Build a Learning Organisation Today Dear Colleagues,Dr Jack Welch, a feisty chemical engineer,  died earlier this month. You may not  know who he was as he disappeared from the corporate scene a decade or so ago. He was the driven CEO of General Electric (or GE) – highly successful in growing the company to great heights – in fact, to one of the largest manufacturing and industrial companies in the USA (and indeed, the world). Whilst he was undoubtedly successful as a businessman, his argument on the need for the GE company to be a learning organisation resonates most with me.It is arguably easier to dig stuff out the ground as a miner than to keep innovating with new products in a manufacturing organisation when one thinks of the huge competition from the likes of China. Certainly, miners have the challenge in that  the prices they receive for their ore is predicated by buyers in[…]