Distance learning (or eLearning) is an ideal way of helping you advance your career when you have limited time to travel to a campus or training facility. It is an efficient, flexible and cost-effective manner of enhancing your knowledge.

Generally speaking, eLearning is a form of distance learning where some or all of the course components are presented online. In the eLearning environment, the presenter of the material and the participants are not physically present in the same room. Instead, they meet in a ‘virtual’ room.

Our eLearning courses incorporate a live approach whenever possible, also referred to as the synchronous or video-conferencing mode. This ensures that the training is interactive which maintains the motivation and discipline necessary for successful completion. Our programs are designed for engineers, technicians, and technologists who prefer not to be limited by time or distance and who need to develop skills and knowledge in a particular subject.

You will be required to ‘log in’ to your webinar classroom at pre-arranged times. The moderator in attendance will be a real instructor, qualified and experienced in the particular topic. At any stage of the live webinar, the instructor can be contacted if queries on the course material exist.

Diagram representing an IDC Instructor and students attending a webinar as part of an eLearning course


eLearning options



Online Qualifications

IDC Technologies in conjunction with the Engineering Institute of Technology (EIT) offer high-quality, practical engineering programs LIVE via the Internet using the latest eLearning techniques and expert instructors from around the world. Disciplines include: Industrial Data Communications and IT; Instrumentation, Automation and Process Control; Electrical Engineering; Electronic Engineering; Mechanical Engineering; Civil Engineering and Engineering Management.

To view the full list of upcoming programs delivered by EIT using live and interactive sessions online, please visit: www.eit.edu.au/schedule.


Free Short Technical Courses

IDC Technologies and EIT run monthly interactive instructor-led sessions in various engineering disciplines that will give you the opportunity to expand your knowledge in a short period of time. These sessions are completely free and are designed to give you a toolbox that can be immediately applied to your workplace.

Visit the free webinar courses webpage for more information and to register to receive the course information.



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