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Covers Transportation Planning, Traffic Controls, Traffic Safety, Traffic Management, Parking, Transportation Management Under Special Circumstances, Transportation Economics, Other Modes of Transportation, Mass Transportation Systems, plus more…
This workshop is a practical workshop devoted to two days of hands-on faultfinding and troubleshooting. After an initial familiarisation session on industrial Ethernet and TCP/IP the two days is devoted to practical hands-on exercises.
The objective of this workshop is to provide a practical know-how in designing, installing, commissioning, maintaining and troubleshooting analog and digital CCTV systems.
This workshop gives you a thorough understanding of electrical motor’s working, maintenance and failure modes and gives you the tools to maintain and troubleshoot electrical motors.
This workshop aims to take the mystery out of electrical engineering and give a good understanding of the fundamental principles of electricity.
In the past 10 years significant increases in applying wind and solar power technologies from the domestic user to the corporate market have occurred.