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Electronics engineering involves an intimate knowledge of the behaviour of electrons to develop components, devices, systems or equipment. There are many subfields such as biomedical engineering, power electronics, digital signal and image processing. In common with all of the courses within the Electronics course category, students in this field require a multi-disciplinary approach. The short courses in this category offer practical, industry focused technical content, that can be used straight away.

Courses in this category:

US$ 249

Power electronics generally deals with the conversion of electric power. An expert knowledge on the characteristics and operation of power electronic circuits is must for a technical staff to be


US$ 89

Introduction to Power Electronics Devices and Industrial applications
With advances in power electronics, need for dc power supplies for use in integrated circuits (ICs) and digital circuits has...

US$ 249

Installing a safe electrical system begins with a well-planned electrical drawing. Standard symbols and lines are used to represent the different types of material, raceways, conduits, and circuit...

US$ 99

Transformers have become more essential in our modern electronic life since only a very few device work without it. Transformers have gained greater advantage as they can increase or decrease the...

US$ 199

Poor power quality leads to improper functioning of the system and in some cases it may cause hazardous problems. The steadfastness of the system depends on the amount of electricity it receives to...

US$ 199

Electric motors impact in almost every form of modern life.  Electric motors are definitely being used at some point in almost all industries for producing modern products. Nowadays, older motors...

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