PLC and SCADA Training Courses

IDC Technologies is a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) training and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition SCADA training resource for the industrial automation industry.
Industrial technicians and engineers are responsible for control and maintenance of critical power supplies to core infrastructure. Critical power supply equipment is controlled by PLC and SCADA systems.

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Control Systems PLC and SCADA

Industrial control systems must be designed to withstand environmental hazards and infrastructure security breaches. IDC Technologies’ PLC courses and SCADA courses provide the training industrial systems administrators require to engineer and maintain the controls for command switch systems serving core infrastructure such as chemical and oil effluent distribution, electrical and energy transmission, both private and public sector installations. 

Management of supply chain infrastructure supplying industrial systems with command switch technologies control output devices such as valves,alert displays and lights during use. Facilitation, distribution, monitoring and control of industrial facilities and infrastructure in major economies of scale would not be possible without PLC and SCADA operations. 

IDC Technologies trains industrial specialists in process management of PLC and SCADA command systems technologies, as well as analysis of those systems for errors and defaults. If a system has been intruded in an unauthorized security breach, recovery time to operations is critical. Industrial command switch systems require continuous collection of data in order for those operations to stay safe. Simulation of risk scenarios in PLC courses and SCADA training creates the conditions for industrial specialists to respond adequately to large-scale processes. 

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SCADA and PLC Training Courses

IDC Technologies offers specialised PLC training in: Electrical Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Finance and Project Management, Industrial Data Communications and Networking, Information Technology, Instrumentation, Mechanical Engineering and Process Control.

IDC Technologies also offers courses in development, installation and administration of IT architecture, applications, instructions, interfaces and software programs used in command switch infrastructure.

Control system functional specification required for implementation of Industrial control systems using Distributed Control Systems DCS, PLC, SCADA and human machine interfaces HMI is relevant for consulting engineers, design engineers, electrical engineers and technicians, industrial automation engineers and technicians, instrumentation and control engineers, technologists and technicians, maintenance engineers and technicians, operations inspection and repair managers, plant managers, supervisors and system specifiers.

IDC Technologies trainees learn how to use SCADA monitoring systems to communicate with PLC and other hardware commissioning network nodes across the system. SCADA software applications, SCADA features developer changes, database tag creation, graphical display developer tools, and trending are also learned. 

Course attendees at IDC Technologies also learn Functional Design Specifications (FDS), coding concepts, standards, tagging and naming conventions, process control approaches, and philosophies, protocols, process design and communications. Remote Terminal Unit RTU standards for design, data acquisition and specifications and Graphical User Interface GUI, and security specifications are also part of the curriculum. 

IDC Technologies offers best practice information about rules and standards guiding the industrial computing command systems operations. 

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