Engineering through Thick and Thin

Although they vary in intensity and length economic booms and busts seem to see-saw along.

Walking through the business area of West Perth in Western Australia this week it is clear that the effects of the latter persist, with the potent resources sector suffering damagingly low commodity prices. Professional office space for sale or for lease abound. The cafes are lacklustre and the retailers which had ably supported this vibrant mining hub, are either shuttered, or if open, are using extravagant sales to tempt shoppers in off the quiet streets.

High Voltage Equipment: keeping it safe and operational via insulating material testing

Transformers, tap changers and circuit breakers can fail catastrophically and the consequences can be disastrous from a financial, operational and safety point of view. Their insulating materials provide a powerful diagnostic tool since they contain a record of all of the events that have occurred in the system. This presentation provides...

High Voltage Conference - Perth, Australia


IDC Technologies’ High Voltage Conference was held at the Mercure Hotel in Perth on the 7th & 8th October 2015. Two pre-conference workshops were also held on the 6th October by the keynote speakers Barrie Moor (Power System Protection Training) and Karl Haubner (Doble Engineering Company).

7 quiz questions on power distribution

So you think you know power distribution? Prove it by joining more than 150 engineers and technicians who have already completed the quiz.

Engineer, Physicist and Mathematician puzzle

A group of no-good communists order an engineer, a physicist, and a mathematician to build a wall to block off the largest amount of area using........

New Wave of Automation Sweeps the World

It is predicted that up to 70 per cent of Australian jobs could be at threat as new waves of automation sweep through workplaces over the next few decades. This was reported in a recent ABC News article...

Nuclear Power - such a dastardly option?

Energy from nuclear sources deserves further exposure and debate to deter the visceral and often irrational reaction most have to any discussion on the topic. We tend to respond to the significant and high profile disasters rather than getting our heads around the facts. I do, however, believe that I may be lecturing to the converted?

Arc Flash and Isolation Safety Conference - Perth, Australia

IDC Technologies’ Arc Flash & Isolation Safety Conference was held at the Novotel Langley Hotel in Perth on the 26th & 27th August 2015.

Self Assessment Quiz - configuration and tuning of industrial control loops

Currently working in the instrumentation or process industry? Have a go at IDC's 5 beginner industrial control loops questions and see how much you really know.

Business and engineering... Apples and Oranges?

These are two terms that are rarely used in the same sentence, and frequently demonstrate a disconnect between the engineering and business industries. Having spoken with countless engineers and technicians from a range of backgrounds, there are a few core reasons why THEY believe this is the case.