Fundamentals of Mechanical Engineering

South Africa
Mechanical Engineering
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Thursday, 24 July 2014
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Friday, 25 July 2014
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This workshop introduces the basics and fundamental concepts and applications of mechanical engineering. The workshop starts with an introduction to the basic principles of mechanical drawings such as tolerances, symbols, sections, fasteners etc. The use of computer aided design and good drawing office practises are also discussed. After this, the properties and mechanical behaviour of engineering components are presented. Phenomena such as stress and strain, fatigue, fracture, creep and corrosion are discussed. Mechanical design philosophies are discussed with the focus on the use of safety factors during the design for static strength. Delegates will have the opportunity to gain some insight in the process of mechanical design for manufacturing/production.

Various manufacturing operations will be discussed, starting with the production of metal and alloys. The methods to shape metal into its final desired shape, such as casting, forming, machining, welding etc. will be discussed. Delegates will be introduced to the use of computerised methods of manufacturing (CNC, CAM) and also the use of rapid prototyping. Principles of mechanical automation as it is typically found in industry will be discussed with the focus on the application of hydraulic and pneumatic systems. There is also a discussion on electric motors, mechanical actuation systems and common control systems (e.g. PLCs).

The workshop will also introduce the various aspects of pipe technology, including types of pumps, flanges, gaskets, jointing methods, pipe support and standards. The basic design and analysis of pipe systems will also be presented. An introduction of underlying practical principals of thermodynamics will also be included.

The workshop closes off with a discussion on one of the most important aspects in mechanical engineering, namely maintenance. A discussion on the various types of maintenance philosophies and their underlying principles will enable delegates to identify the correct maintenance approach for their workplace.

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