Electrical Engineering eBook Library

The manual titles included in this discipline are:

  • Practical Arc Flash Protection for Electrical Safety Professionals       
  • South African Standard SANS 10142- The Wiring of Premises       
  • Practical Electrical Wiring Standards - AS 3000:2007       
  • Practical Maintenance & Troubleshooting of Battery Power  Supplies       
  • Standby Power and Energy Efficiency       
  • Safe Operation & Maintenance of Circuit Breakers and Switchgear       
  • Practical HV Cable Jointing and Terminations for Engineers and Technicians       
  • Critical Power Supply Options and Planning of High Availability Supplies       
  • Operation and Maintenance of Diesel Power Generating Plants       
  • Emergency Power Supplies Electrical Distribution Design, Installation and Commissioning
  • Troubleshooting, Maintenance & Protection of AC Electrical Motors and Drives       
  • Practical Energy Efficiency, Design, Engineering and Auditing       
  • Practical Electrical Safety Techniquies for Industry       
  • Inspection, Testing and Commissioning of Electrical Switchboards, Circuit Breakers, Protective Relays, Cables and PLCs       
  • Practical Troubleshooting of Electrical Equipment and Control Circuits       
  • Practical Earthing, Bonding, Lightning & Surge Protection       
  • Practical Distribution & Substation Automation (incl. Communications) for Electrical Power Systems       
  • Practical Electrical Substation Safety       
  • Electrical Drawings and Schematics       
  • Fundamentals of Power Distribution and Power Systems – Hands-on Practical Analysis and Design       
  • HV Circuit Breaker Operating Mechanisms - Hydraulic Systems       
  • High Voltage Design and Installations Master Class       
  • Practical HV and LV Switching Operations and Safety Rules       
  • HV Circuit Breaker Operating Mechanisms - Pneumatic and Compressor Systems       
  • High Voltage Safety Operating Procedures for Engineers and Technicians       
  • Practical Electrical Wiring Standards - National Rules for Electrical Installations - ET 101:2008       
  • Lightning, Surge Protection and Earthing of Electrical & Electronic Systems in Industrial Networks       
  • Fundamentals of Smart Metering       
  • Practical Electrical Metering, Measurement and Instrument Transformers       
  • Practical Motor Protection, Control and Maintenance Technologies       
  • Practical Power Cabling and Earthing       
  • Practical Power Distribution       
  • Practical Power System Harmonics, Earthing and Power Quality - Problems and Solutions
  • Power Cables: Operation, Maintenance, Location and Fault Detection       
  • Practical Power Quality: Problems & Solutions       
  • Practical Power System Protection for Engineers and Technicians       
  • Electrical Maintenance for Engineers and Technicians       
  • Wind & Solar Power - Renewable Energy Technologies       
  • Installing, Programming and Commissioning of Power System Protection Relays and Hardware       
  • Switchgear and Distribution Systems       
  • Practical Power Transformers: Operation, Maintenance & Testing       
  • Installation, Testing and Troubleshooting of Transformers       
  • Practical Medium & High Voltage Testing of Electrical Equipment for Engineers and Technicians       
  • Understanding Electrical Engineering and Safety for non-electricians       
  • Maintenance and Troubleshooting of Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) Systems & Batteries       
  • Earthing of Utility and Industrial Distribution Systems       
  • Medium Voltage AC Motors for the Power Industry- Principles, Installation, Maintenance and Troubleshooting       
  • Practical Variable Speed Drives for Instrumentation and Control Systems       
  • Practical Electrical Wiring Standards - IEE BS7671:2008+A1:2011 Edition    


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