Advanced TCP/IP-based Industrial Networking for Engineers and Technicians

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This manual is for engineers and technicians who need a practical and extensive knowledge of the design and troubleshooting of Industrial Ethernet networks, as well as the selection, installation, and configuration of components such as routers and switches.

It deals in-depth with the underlying TCP/IP protocols, and specifically addresses both design and configuration issues related to IPv4 and the more recent IPv6.

It also covers the more advanced aspects and applications of Ethernet such as advanced switching and routing, CCTV over IP, OPC and Modbus/TCP over Ethernet, industrial security, intrinsically safe applications, switched rings (included the latest IEC 62439-3 redundant ring standard), and highly-deterministic Ethernet-based field buses (e.g. for servo control) capable of 1 millisecond repetition rates and  jitter of less than 1 microsecond.


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